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Discreet plain


Featured Products Buddhas Tree PK 9/18

Buddhas Tree PK 9/18

New! Buddhas Tree! pk 9-18 Booster! The Pinnacle of boosters.
Twice the strength of the most popular bloom booster. pk9-18 stimulates plants uptake of nutrients, increasing oils and sugars which make for better and bigger yeilds and fruits.

Root Pouch Fabric Air Pots

Root Pouch plant pots are more breathable and water-efficient, encouraging a more fibrous, dense root structure and preventing roots from circling. They also provide superior insulation, protecting plants against winter cold and summer heat.

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Mammoth Lite Grow Tents

Mammoth Lite Budget Grow Tents

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Mammoth tents are the ideal offering for a range of growers.
They provide the ultimate in quality and provide a variety of features to make growing simple and effective.

Welcome to Grow world hydroponics we offer a great discreet service via online, telephone or our shop which is based in Birmingham, Northfield. We offer a vast array of Knowledge and products for all types of indoor growing.

We stock a high quality range of products from complete Grow World kits to grow tents & grow lights from Hydroponics systems to growing media to Nutrients and Boosters to Pumps to Airstones you name it we stock it we work with the leading brands of hydroponics to name a few Advanced Nutrients, Canna, Hydrogarden, Vita Link, Plant Magic, Powerplant, Grodan, Nutriculture, Ikon Plus much much more.

Welcome to Grow World hydroponics

The Gavita E-Series Pro Line lighting systems are the next generation of professional grow lighting. Still using the incredible 400V horticultural high frequency lamps as the standard pro line the E-Series can be controlled by the amazing Gavita Master Controller.

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Root Pouch Fabric Pots

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600w  Grow Lush Grow Light Kits

Super value for money 600w grow light kit includes a grow lush 600w magnetic ballast, grow lush 600w dual spectrum lamp and a dutch barn style reflector  


GrowLush 600w Lamp

600w Grow Lush Lamp Dual Spectrum


600 watt grow lush dual spectrum lamp with a lumens output of 91,000 these lamps are great value for more
Grow Lush 600w Grow Light Kit Root Pouch Fabric Pots Buddhas Tree PK 9/18

Gavita Pro Line Light Kits